Self Message before my Weightloss Journey

I discovered this video so randomly today. I don’t even remember recording it.

Looking at the old me, I feel a mixed bag of emotions. I look so exhausted and beaten down. I can see the exhaustion on my face. I can go back to that day and remember all that I felt then.

Now that I’ve gone through the process, I wish I could tell my old self that I would be disciplined and dedicated.. that I would go on to lose 17kgs in 4 months.

That I will have meltdowns, but I will stick through. This video just made my day. It is a reminder of how much willpower I had in me!

My lowest recorded was 70.something.. but I’ve since then put on a few kgs more.
Presently at 72.something
This video was recorded on August 13, 2020 when I weighed 88kgs. I was working a stressful job at odd hours and I decided to quit my job to focus on getting my health back on track.