Get started with journaling!


New to journaling?
Make use of these FREE journaling prompts to find writing inspiration 🙂

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New to journaling?
Make use of these journaling prompts to find writing inspiration 🙂


  1. Instructions to use
  2. 70 journaling prompts

For more guidance

Visit this website for more guidance and to see a filled sample version:

About the Planner

I love journaling and have been journaling for the past 6 years. But quite recently, I started doing Monthly reviews with myself around how my life is progressing and what goals I have for myself for the next month… soon I started seeing myself set up 1-hour meetings with myself every month to do my monthly review. I had more clarity around what projects I want to work on and will prioritise. Overall, it gave me more clarity of thought and direction.

As I started finding it a pain to manually write all my reflection questions every single month, I set out to print my own planner and journal. What I ended up creating was loved not just by myself, but by several others. I’ve hence decided to share my planner with everyone interested to use this.

I will be sharing more videos and guidance around how to use this planner, but the planner itself contains a lot of guidance on how to use it. Aside from all this, I will be available over email to answer any of your questions and concerns.

I hope that you find the same value that I found with this planner. Happy writing!

Learn more about the planner:

Email me: [email protected]


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