Build Alliances

Last night, Sijo, his mummy, Saleeh and I were playing Catan.

At the start of the game, mummy and I were doing fairly well while Sijo and Saleeh were at a disadvantage. Soon, Sijo and Saleeh teamed up and started helping out each other. They started reaping the benefits and tag teamed to rob us of our resources. Despite having access to some of the best resources, we couldn’t do anything in the position.

Mummy and I tried to pair up and take them down but we just couldn’t work out a mutually benefitting relationship.

Quite naturally, we lost the game. Had we formed a partnership, we could have taken Sijo and Saleeh down.

Post the game we also pondered on why brotherhoods are stronger than sisterhoods.

I’ve also heard people say that a woman is a woman’s enemy.

I’m not claiming any of this is true but merely pondering over these.

Key learning:

You might be the most powerful person on the game but if few others team up and try to take you down, you hardly don’t stand a chance. This highlights the need to form alliances and also the strength of groups devoted to a single cause.

Start saying yes to Quid pro quo.