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  • Patron - Rethink

  • Community lead, Google Women Techmakers. Cochin

  • GHCI Student Scholar

  • WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholar

  • Jagriti Yatri

  • TEDx Speaker

Current Project

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Partnerships at Almabase

Almabase is a SaaS startup that helps US Educational Institutions improve their alumni participation. My work involves educating US ed. institutions about Almabase, figuring out a scope of partnership and making that happen.

Current 20% Project

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The Godmothers

The Godmothers is a project to encourage and equip promising women to attain their fullest potential. We give scholarships to young women and create useful content.

Latest scholarship: The Domain Name Scholarship which awards 3 young women a scholarship to purchase domain name for their personal website.
Latest Virtual Conference: Godmothers Talk about Personal Branding

What I care about


I believe in democratizing education and opportunities. My work with Almabase directly relates to democratizing education and my past work with Rethink was around democratizing exposure opportunities.


I believe in women and other minorities receiving equal treatment and equal opportunities. My work with Godmothers, Google Women Techmakers and Rethink is an effort to bridge the parity for women and provide them with equal opportunities to advance.


I believe in being scrappy and resourceful. I try and embody the philosophies of entrepreneurship in my everyday work. Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur has only served me good so far!

What People Are Saying

From my LinkedIn Recommendations


I met Arya as a student active in community activities and literally watched her grow to be a community influencer. Her commitment and passion for what she does are unmatched.

She understands people and processes that unlock potential. Her ability to learn fast and attention to detail makes her a great addition to any team.



Annie Mathew

Director, Microsoft APAC


I have seen how the scope and impact of Arya's work with Rethink have scaled over time and that too in such a short span.

Her ability to connect with her audience is something that really stands out and it's the resonance that her audience ends up striking with her that is the true secret sauce.

In terms of her execution capability, she is absolutely scrappy and never shies away from figuring out stuff and getting it done.

Sijo Kuruvilla George

Founder, Rethink


Arya and Rethink through their initiative WIT LP helped me in understanding myself, my strengths and my weaknesses.

The provided a platform for girls like me who are entering the workforce to interact with women who have accomplished great opportunities so far.

I got a chance to get mentored by a googler, which I couldn't even dream of. All this helped me in boosting my confidence and was a great opportunity to reinforce my best traits.

Rithu Maria Jose

Participant, Rethink WIT Learning Program


10 Career options for pseudo engineers!

Studied engineering, but don't want to be an engineer?

Don't worry. You have tons of opportunities. In this ebook, I've picked top 10 career options for the pseudo engineer.

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Own your Accomplishments

Know that it is absolutely okay to own your accomplishments. You have worked hard to accomplish something and you must take credit for your work. 

Google I/O, re-scheduling my university exam and getting a job at Google

3 key learnings:


1. When you have 2 choices, you don’t always have to pick one.


2. Everything is malleable and sometimes, all you need to do is just ask.


3. Speak directly to the decision-makers to get things done.


How to make money to travel to conferences/events

There are umpteen opportunities that provide you exposure but not all are really worth it. First, validate the opportunity and check if it really adds value to you.