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I'm a big believer in opening up knowledge and learning. Which is why I have put together a bunch of free resources for you.


Project planning tool based on Eisenhower Matrix

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I've built an excel based tool to plan your projects for the year, month and weeks!

If you are like me and do a bunch of projects every year/month, this is ideal for you to prioritise your projects based on the 'Eisenhower Matrix' principles. 

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I've compiled all my learning, insights and tips from winning 4 scholarships and helping 300+ others win such scholarships in this handbook.

If you are an engineering student, I highly recommend you get a copy and read! It is all things scholarships and will be super helpful to you, especially if you are just starting out with applying to scholarships.

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I'm a recipient of 4 opportunities and I've decided to opensource my applications to two of them.

These are the exact applications I used to apply to the opportunities that won me the opportunity!

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