Purchased the Mirror Planner?

Here's how to make the most of it!

Understand the Why

Tutorial Videos: How to make the most out of the planner?

You'll find videos explaining everything you can do with the Mirror planner.

The time that you should expect to spend is 1 hour initially to get started and from then on just 1 hour every month.

Try flipping the pages 🙂

I tried writing a sample journal on my design.
See if you like it!

How to print and bind the Printable Planner

If you recently purchased the printable planner, you will have to print and bind it yourself.

If you are planning to purchase the planner, get it from here.

But don't worry 🙂 I'm sharing the guidance for you to do this!

Quick Printing Guide

  1. Purchase the printable and download the zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file to get a folder that contains 2 files –  one for hard binding and one for spiral binding.
  3. Go to your local printing shop to print the pages. Remember to select the appropriate file for the kind of binding you want.
  4. Ask them print on A4 sheets (print on both sides – this will cover 4 A5 pages). Follow the recommendations below when printing.
  5. Upon printing go to your binding shop and get them to bind the book.
  6. For spiral binding – Ask them to cut the pages in half and spiral the pages.
  7. For hard binding – Tell them that the section size is 8 pages. Ask them to fold first 8 pages, stitch and bind. (The first section is pages 1 to 32, the second section is 33 to 64 etc..) The page numbers will guide them.
  • Recommended paper quality: 100 gsm Bond Paper (Locally called as Buff paper)
  • Recommended printing mode: Black and White printing (There is no design within that needs you to do a colour print)
  • Recommended binding: Both spiral and hard binding are good enough. Your choice.

Watch the video below for better understanding