When you encounter an opportunity, Apply!

Almost always, when I discover a new opportunity I start getting excited thinking what it would be like to actually get this. But as I read through about the application process and requirements, I find myself questioning if I really want to apply.

I was super excited to know about the WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholarship— It was a 5000$ scholarship + a 6 month virtual mentorship with Qualcomm.

But as I read through the application questions, I found myself wondering that “I’m not going to get through. Then why apply?!”

I got to know about the scholarship around 20 days before the deadline. And I had just decided that I’m not going to apply because I’m not going to get selected.

3 days before the deadline my friends started pushing me to apply to it and that’s when I thought “Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to apply. All I lose is an application. But if I get selected it’s actually going to be amazing.”

I finally applied and got selected also. This exercise was an eye opener for me.

The most important step to getting selected to an opportunity is to apply for it. Because if you don’t even put your views out there, how are they going to judge? If you apply, you have some chance of winning and when you don’t, you have absolutely zero chance of making it.

From my brief experience with these scholarships and other opportunities, I’ve understood that we cannot exactly predict the selection committee’s decision. We might be able to research and broadly understand who they are looking for but in most cases, there will be surprises. You never know — you just might get selected!

If you are reading through and have been putting off applying to an opportunity, I urge to go ahead and do it.

So go for it! Apply!