How I got to attend Google I/O 2016

I’ve been leading efforts at WTM Cochin as the Community Lead for the past 3 years. At the end of my first year, I was given the opportunity to attend Google I/O 2016 on a full sponsorship by Google.

This is an opportunity granted to GDG and WTM Community Leads and is not open for everyone to avail. GDG/WTM leads only nominate themselves or their fellow leads to be selected and Google India finally picks the list of leads they’d like to sponsor that year.

If you are a community lead, then around the time I/O begins, you’d be intimated about the opportunity and if you nominate yourself and turn out to be lucky enough, you’ll get the opportunity to attend I/O.

And if you are not a lead, don’t worry, you’re not lost of all options.

Every year, Google conducts a CodeJam for female engineers. It is a coding contest where you’d have to solve a set of problems. If you get selected, you’ll get the opportunity to go to Google I/O.

Do checkout the website for more details:

Lastly adding, Google I/O is worth attending. I had one hell of an experience! Don’t miss out on a chance to attend the conference 🙂