Quickly trying out an example on DialogFlow

DialogFlow is a wonderful platform for you to try out building a chat bot. This is a quick tutorial on how you can build a test app on DialogFlow and test it using the Google Assistant on your mobile phone.

So first, you need to create your assistant on DialogFlow. Then you need to click on ‘See how it works on Google Assistant’.

You will now be taken to a different platform called as ‘Actions on Google’. Select your project on the platform.

And then click on ‘Simulator’. Now once you do this, you’ll be able to test your app on the Actions on Google platform and also on any device in which you have logged in using the same Gmail ID you used to create the bot.

Go ahead and test out your app on your mobile phone!


When you first try, the invocation used to call your assistant may be ‘Talk to my test app’. To change this to an invocation name of your choice, click on ‘Invocation’ on the left bar and type in the new invocation name (in this case, the invocation name is ‘empressario club’ and the invocation will be ‘Talk to empressario club’)

Sharing with your friends

To share the app with your friends or your alpha users, you need to complete few procedural formalities such as uploading an icon for your assistant, entering a short description and so on.

To complete these, go to the ‘Overview’ section and follow the steps mentioned to complete the formalities.

Once you do so, go to the ‘Release’ section on the menu. You’ll find the option to add in emails of your alpha testers. Once you do that, click on ‘Sumit for Alpha’ . The Google team will take 3–4 hours typically to review your app and and deploy the alpha version. When this is done, you’ll get an email from the team notifying you about the status of your assistant. If it has been approved, all the alpha testers you had added to the platform will receive access to test your assistant.

Here’s a video tutorial on how you can quickly test out DialogFlow on your mobile phone.