WITx Program Plan

In the 2weeks of engagement with our WITx Learning Program, we have some real huge things in mind. Let me walk you through our program plan.

Program Design

Before talking about the Program Plan, let me share some perspectives about how we went about designing the program.

Feeling we wish to leave you with

I can figure it out on my own

Applying to opportunities is no rocket science. It is something everyone can figure out on their own and should be able to figure out on their own. Which is why, “I can figure it out on my own” is the feeling we wish to leave you with.

The program has been designed with this in mind. Which is why we have tended towards you figuring it out on your own and also getting used to the process.

Our attempt would be guide you, shape your efforts and see how we can accelerate your figuring out process.

Creating Assets

This was a very important point we had in mind while designing the program. We wanted you to take back something solid. Actual assets that you can showcase in your Resume and talk about in your interviews.

This is why we have our program deeply tied to the idea of #publish.

We will have the participants publish everything so that it is available for people out there to take a look.

Every weekly activity has been designed such that you figure something out on your own, create an asset and publish it.

Learning Frameworks

These were the key learning frameworks we wanted to leverage in the program.

  1. Learn by Doing
  2. Learn by helping others learn (Documenting learning using TWTW)
  3. Learn to leverage digital tools
  4. Learn to learn on their own

Program Plan

Week 1 — Discover and Connect

Week 2 — Build

and Apply

Week 1

You learn how to discover opportunities, research about them and validate them. You learn to connect with people over email.

Week 2

You build a project in under a week and publish it.

Assets: Project


You figure out how to apply and put in an application to the WIT-GHCI Application form. (To be considered for the GHCI Scholarships we will be facilitating)

Creating essential Application Documents such as Resume, Essays.


Every week, we will have certain theme specific activities.

We will have a guidance email and/orYoutube Live on how and why we will be going about the activities prior to the hands-on session.

Learners may use the Telegram Group for discussions.

Learners will have some homework activities or end goals to meet post our activities, which they are expected to finish by weekend and submit.

Every weekend, you will be submitting a TWTW (The Week That Was), your weekly learning blog discussing what you attempted to do and what your learning was along with your activity submissions.

Ground Rules

Some ground rules before we begin:

Abide by the Code of Conduct

At WIT/Rethink, we want everyone to have a safe and healthy experience. Cases of harassment and abuse will be viewed with zero tolerance.

Do read through our Learning Community Guidelines very carefully and do note that by participating in the WIT Program you agree to abide by these:


Always cc v@r ([email protected])

v@r is our Governance mechanism. Having v@r in the loop is a check and balance mechanism where everything we write about is made aware to only the key volunteers at Rethink.

v@r also helps everyone stay in the loop and step in wherever help is needed.

Keep communication to emails or groups (No DMs)

To get in touch with anyone at Rethink, you may use email or telegram groups only. Personal DMs or Phone calls are not encouraged.

In cases where you wish to get on a call, make the request over email and arrange an appear call instead.

Be on time

Respect everyone’s time. Be on time. Always.

In the professional world, no one waits for you. And you shouldn’t make them wait for you.

When in need of help

At any point, when in need of help, you may post your queries in the WITx Learning Program group on Telegram and seek guidance from your peers or previous WIT participants there.

We have our WIT Cohort 1 participants come in as Program Guides. If you have a program guide who is from your college, she will be you primary point of contact to clarify queries. (For the girls who do not have a program guide from their college, we have Farha leading the open track)

When reaching out to your Program Guides for any help with respect to the WITx Learning Program, you are expected to keep the communication to emails and also mark v@r in cc when doing so.

See list of Program Guides here —


If you wish to reach the WITx Program Team directly, you may write to us at [email protected].