Reflection: Circle of influence that each individual has

This is a reflection post based on my recent experiences. I had come to hear about Dr.Vinod Prasad, a professor at NTU during my visit there. He had few research students under his wing and they continued to remember him fondly.

NTU also has this NTU — India connect program that he used to anchor at the time. Each year, few selected students from India could do a research internship at NTU through this initiative. Apparently, Mr.Vinod happened to head this initiative while at NTU. Or so I’ve heard from his students.

I also learned from them that he is currently Dean at IIT Palakkad. During my visit to palakkad this time, I ended up writing to him with a request to meet him. He also anchors Industry interactions and thought his insights would really help with efforts at 21CU as well.

Unfortunately, he was travelling and instead connected me to the placement cell officer. I visited the campus today and had a productive chat with him.

As I was leaving, I saw two familiar faces — both of them I had seen while at GECT. One of them, Jijo had even taught us a Control Systems class. Turns out Jijo is a PhD candidate under Prof Vinod. I also met my family friend, Bency aunty who is a Post Doc candidate under Prof Vinod.

I learned from the two of them that he has been doing a commendable job at IIT Palakkad. More specifically, he had opened up his networks at NTU for his students. He also has gotten IIT PKD to sign an MoU with NTU and every year sends 3–4 students there for the Research Internship.

What this whole exercise got me to realise was that one person has the ability to open doors for so many people. He figured it out for himself, built his influence and clout and is now back home leveraging that and making things easier for so many others. Got me to again realise why you excelling first can and will enable you to come back and help others significantly.

“Aadyam swayam nannavuka” from the credo reverberating in the back of my head now.

And also,

Each person has a circle of influence and the more we grow, this circle grows with us.

I’m elated to see people like Prof Vinod do so much. I am yet to meet him and new insights about him come my way have made me more curious to learn more about him.