First tattoo experience: Meraki

I first came across this term Meraki in 2016 or so. Right from the first moment that I learned the word, I knew it meant something to me.

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I felt like the word really summarised who I am as an individual.

I’ve often been told that I leave my signature in whatever I do. And I have myself felt that I wholeheartedly commit myself to my work. For some reason, I cannot do great work without caring about it or feeling deeply about it.

Going by that, Meraki really is my way of working.

I’ve been flirting with getting Meraki tattooed for 4 years! I always draw it on my arms with a black pen and just stare at it. Today I went to the mall and saw this tattoo parlour, took an impromptu decision to get it inked finally.

Some things you should know:

  1. It does hurt but it depends on the place where you do it. I did it on my wrist and it hurt hell lot!
  2. Did you know that a tattoo is actually a wound? Like a needle tears your skin and puts the ink? And after a few days, the skin on top will peel off like any other wound!
  3. After the tattoo is done, you’ll experience the pain for a couple more hours and the tattooed ara will be red and bulged.
  4. Blood is involved. When the guy was doing my tattoo, I started bleeding. Just a bit though!
  5. I took a picture reference of tattoo on someone’s hand and the text got a bit skewed. Don’t do that. Get a text print out for a more clearer tattoo.
  6. My tattoo was done in 25 minutes. But bigger the sie, longer it takes.
  7. You have to care for the tattoo for up to 4 days after you get it. So wash it in warm water twice a day and apply an ointment called ‘Fucidin’ on it. And don’t wash it aggressively or rub soap on it.
  8. You will have to wait for up to 6 months after getting the tattoo to donate blood.
  9. Before getting an actual tattoo, try drawing it on yourself for a couple of times and see how you feel about it. Maybe even get a temporary tattoo. I think this helps in getting used to the tattoo and just being sure if you really want it in the place you have in mind.

Now the reveal..

Here’s my tattoo!