How I finished my first 10,000 steps

So I’ve been into fitness in the last 4 months. From being lazy to even walk downstairs to collect my amazon delivery, to walking 10,000 steps, it has been quite a journey.

This is about how I managed to walk 10K steps a day! But before we start, let me confess that I have been a hater of walks. I never liked it before. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was my poor fitness that constantly pulled me back from going on walks. But never been a fan of it and despite that, I managed to do my first 10K.

1. Do short walks a week before.

I went with my parents and sister on short 3K and 4K step walks a couple of times. I found that I could walk that much without a lot of strain and felt that I could pull off 10K.

It also got me warmed up to walking and helped me discover some nice routes I could pursue.

2. Feel comfortable and prepared for the day

I wore comfy clothes and shows, obviously. But I also wore a comfortable mask, carried my earphones, phone and 20 Rs. I’ll tell you why I took the money. Obviously, tie your hair nice and super important – download your favourite songs and podcasts!

I use Spotify and have a premium subscription. So I had a lot of songs and few podcast episodes downloaded.

3. Pause to look at the scenic beauty around

I stopped to take pictures and these helped me catch my breath and also enjoy the views. Because I started early, I caught the sun while it was rising and I clicked some really beautiful pictures!

4. Walk 5000 steps first

I use an Mi band and so I can see my step count. I walked 5000 steps in one direction before deciding to return. Tracking helped me plan where to stop and walk back.

5. Take a break!

I paused at 5K steps and had a cup of tea and a glass of water. This is why I carried money. This help me recover for my walk back.

I also met Appukuttan chettan who ran the tea stall. He gave me company and we bitched about COVID. It felt good, you know!

6. Manage your energy

I would walk at a moderate pace so that I don’t wear out. I walked the first 3000 steps in full force and then found the next 2000 steps really difficult.

Likewise, keeping your mind engaged in music or podcasts is great too! I feel I think better when I listen to podcasts, but I get bored if I only listen to podcasts. So I listened to 2 podcast episodes from the A16Z podcast – one was on consuming food as medicine and preventive healthcare and the other episode was on decision making. Really enjoyed those. In between, I listened to several songs!

7. Celebrate!

2000 steps after my half way mark were the easiest. I felt that passed by super quickly! Because I was so happy I finished 5K and couldn’t think of anything else 😛 Was so in my thoughts!

But I find that enjoying your wins is very important too. That’s how we build momentum and generate the energy to sustain our efforts.

So on that note, here’s wishing you the best on your fitness journey! Follow me at @goodbyegundu on Instagram for updates on my fitness journey 🙂