Vision boards work

I came across the idea of vision boards in some random youtube video. Back in 2020, right after my depression phase, I created a board for myself. And then again early in 2021, I created another one… most of those materialised!

I think what is important is being super honest with yourself. That you think about what you truly want to manifest and then bring it to that surface. Whenever I have wanted something half-baked, I have felt like I’m forcing myself to manifest it through the vision board. Such things never materialised for me.

But the ones that I wanted deep down, have always come true!

I also like adding quotes and relevant images that inspire me or keep me grounded. When in doubt, I read these, again and again, to remind myself of my core beliefs.

From my 2020 board:

  • I moved to Bangalore
  • Started a new job
  • Lost 17 kgs
  • Made the mirror planner and sold those
  • Got my new tattoo: Meraki
  • Did a few crochet projects
  • Coloured my hair red

In 2021, I made this wallpaper for my laptop and had it for months. I had been doing through a difficult phase and the quote “signs of the island being brought back to life”, gave me hope.

And of course, both LSE and Chevening happened!

I think why the vision board works is because it puts in from of your eyes, what you deeply desire. You see it every day and are reminded each time that this is what you truly want.

So unknowingly, subconsciously, you work towards those and because you work for them, they happen for you.

Give it a try! It does not have to be perfect. It can be a physical board or a virtual image (like the one I made using canva).. but try making something. Keep it to yourself if you don’t want others to see them just yet. But keep it somewhere you see it every day!