Your power to choose

It’s so easy to look left and right and want to do what everyone else is doing. It can be tempting but is that what works for you?

For all you know, they might be just excitementing random things and if you just copy them, it may not work for you.

Before asking will I get selected for this job or will this person want to be with me.. ask yourself if YOU want that job and why? If YOU want to be with someone and why?

So often we mistake interviews to be just a one way street where they evaluate us. But equally, it is about us evaluating them and seeing if there is fit or not.

As long as we don’t recognize the power vested in us simply with our ability to choose what we do, we will keep playing to the tunes of others.

Without knowing the destination, every route can seem worth travelling on. So if you are indeed confused with what to do, it might be because you’ve not clarified what you are looking for. But if you know whether you’re headed, you can choose the best route to get there.

I think what I’m nudging you to be is deliberate. To be clear as to why you want what you want, to know what’s important to you, to know your non negotiables and to know when to quit and exit the game!

Do it with intent rather than sheer randomness saying if everyone is doing it, so I will. Your ability to choose the life you want and the person you want to be is your superpower. Choose wisely.