Picking up your broken pieces and healing

Much of adult life I think is about discovering who you are, identifying your needs and ways of fulfilling them, serving your purpose and more importantly, learning to love yourself.

We are all broken in some way or the other and as an adult, I think it becomes our responsibility to learn to love ourselves in ways we always hoped to be loved. To somehow allow us the childhood we never had, to unlearn and relearn new ways of being and to teach us lessons we should have perhaps learnt a long time ago.

It isn’t easy to identify the cracks and gaps and fill them with compassion and kindness towards yourself. But as we continue to exist in this world and hope for a better tomorrow, healing becomes a necessity to have a rather fulfilling life.

Perhaps the first step towards that healing is acknowledging its need and accepting that there are indeed broken pieces that we must pick up and fix at some point in life. And then to know that this is a journey and there will be days when we feel we’re evolving and getting better and days when we feel we’ve taken a few steps back.

While not easy, what I think can help is loving yourself through these ups and downs and just having faith in the direction that you’re headed. Irrespective of the progress, just by virtue of working on deeper problems, you’re engaging in the mere act of self-care and that in itself is a big step in the right direction.

To learn to love yourself is perhaps the toughest of all. But I’m sure it’s the most rewarding of all too.