Struggling with my professional identity

It’s been difficult to associate with the various professional identities I’ve had.

  • Engineer
  • Community developer
  • Sales professional
  • Program manager

I’m all of these, but not any one of these.

The biggest tug of war has been between “entrepreneur” and “management professional”. I’ve not been able to fully associate with either of these, yet I have in me, both of these as well. Add to this, my deep desire to work for social impact and not just commercials.

Perhaps encountering “social intrapreneurship” is the biggest revelation of mine. These are people who are all of the above and these people are far and few. I had a sense of a-ha and belonging when I knew about this space – almost as if now it all makes sense. It was a knowing that I’m indecisive and cannot belong anywhere. I just am different and there are a few people who are just like me.

I’m making some genuine attempts to see if this is where I belong. I surely resonate a lot with it, but I’m yet to see if this is what I’d identify myself as.