Some random thoughts

You are your responsibility. No one owes you anything. No one has to come running to take care of you. You are enough and you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. But human beings thrive on social connection. So it is important to have friends and family, but without the expectation that it is their job to take care of you. They will be there for you, when they are able to. And if they’re unable to, it is okay. Because it is not their job.

Likewise, it is not your job to take care of any fully grown adult on this planet. Be there for people as much as you are able to.

Being cut-throat is going out of fashion. Encouragement, empathy and compassion must be the basis of fostering ambition in a person. Without these, you’re only making a person chase goals and not acknowledging that they’re human.

Stress kills you. Life may present stressful situations. But whether to be stressed or not is a choice. There is a need to act and get things done, but there is no need to be anxious and stressed in that process.

You can almost always do something about a situation. There is always a way out. You’re never really stuck or trapped.

Taking the time to give yourself love, compassion and appreciation is essential. When the whole world is out to bash you, you can surely take a moment to acknowledge your presence and progress and love yourself for who you are at this time.

Education is empowerment. Learn to learn new things. To not know something is normal and okay.

Pursuit of goals is never a singular dedicated journey. You’re dealing with all things life while doing so. Give yourself some credit for the progress that you make.

Life is not linear. Careers are not linear. Stop expecting them to be linear.

If you’ve been waiting for answers to be presented to you, know that they’re not really coming in a golden book of rules to live life. There is no cheat sheet. Sorry! Prepare yourself for your quest to find your answers.

You’re not as important as you think… Neither are you as unimportant as you think. You’re never going to know how important you are. Might as well ask then – is it important to know how important you are?

To get lost is to learn the way – Dr Ramani

Say “Fuck it” more often and let things go. Some things are really not worth the energy.