One love

Today is the pride march in London. The streets are full of people who are owning their own selves and are celebrating love. Because I live in my own cocoon, I had no idea I was stepping out into a pride march. I was initially taken aback by the crowd, but soon, I started smiling wide.

I saw people who wore whatever they felt like wearing and proudly showcasing their true and honest selves. You could be anything today and noone was going to single you out and judge you. People sat in the middle of strand and drank and danced. I saw little kids wearing tshirts that proudly spoke of slogans on putting love first.

It was such a refreshing and eye-opening experience for me to just witness how people do truly own their selves and stand up for their love. It is also promising that the next generation of kids would grow up here without the societal constructs of heterogeneous love. I was thinking of all the constraints and judgements of right and wrong that I grew up. It was a sin to have a boyfriend and you’re going to be shamed to the point of losing your dignity if you “got caught”. For many years, I’ve had to hide my love stories because of fear and fear of shame. I wish we had been raised differently and were told it is only human to love and to be unique in your own ways.

Days like today are needed to allow people to freely express themselves and proudly show off who they are. It is also essential for people sitting in the sidelines like me doubting the extent to which they can own themselves to get inspired and step into their personal power.

I’ve donated to just because I’d like to do my hit in seeing this movement continue to grow. Do whatever you can to challenge your own assumptions, limiting beliefs and support pride!

More power to love. And more power to pride.