Lunch at Colonel Saab with NH community

I’ve had the pleasure of living with some really nice folks from across South Asia at my student residence in London. We all went out for lunch today at Colonel Saab and it was such a joyful experience to have an Indian meal with everyone ♥️ I was quite excited and elated to see everyone enjoy beef ulathiyath, prawn moilee and paneer (which Sophie calls milk tofu)! Their fascination with gulab jamun, rasmalai and lassi was fun to watch!

Mona went around the table and asked all of us to share a story from our lives. Although everyone started out on a shy and skeptical note, everyone’s story soon became such a discussion at the table! I was reading a book titled the serendipity mindset recently and I saw a lot of serendipitous moments emerge! Two of them had gone to Brighton recently and they vowed to help me chart an itinerary. Sophie and I seemed to be reading books by the same author about similar topics! The whole chat over lunch was strangely homely and warm 🙂

I’m glad to have shared my space with these really sweet people during my time in London. Hopefully I get to visit them when I’m Thailand and China 🥺