Thanks Kate Winslet

I just saw Mare of East Town. Kate Winslet plays detective Mare Sheehan in the show and she has done a great job as always with her acting.

But what consistently stood out for me was her style. She rocked the role in simple clothes – greys, olives, black and blues, jeans and a messy bun. I could see so much of my own sense of style in her character and for the first time I felt validated.

It’s not been as easy as I’d have like, to be confident in my own kind of clothes, especially when popular media screams “fashion” at you. In the recent past, my own wardrobe has looked much like Mare’s and I’ve felt quite bad about not being able to dress-up. Mostly because it felt like I wasn’t putting enough effort to look good, you know? Somehow, that messy bun and grey t-shirt was always a lot more comfortable and I’d gravitate towards those, even when I had the best of intentions to dress up.

Likewise, It was such a delight to see her go out on dates in not so flashy, formal looking dresses. It was an even sweeter delight to watch men call her beautiful even when she doesn’t dress up as much. (I’ve gotten so many comments again in this area for dressing too formal and modest to be “pretty”).

I’m glad Mare happened to me. I now feel a whole lot more validated and confident in my own sense of style!

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