My first sewing project!

I picked up sewing this weekend and stitched my very first crop top! The project wasn’t exactly intentional. I’d gotten two dresses that I wanted to shorten. That’s how I took the sewing machine out. But the fabric leftover from the dress was too good to be thrown out. So I ended up figuring out how to make a crop top out of it.

Sewing is a really creative process for me, but it is quite strenuous. My back hurt from all the sitting, but the joy of creating kept me going. It took me 6-7 hours to finish the crop top, and that I think is a great achievement for a first project. Several errors and redos later, it’s done. Fits perfectly and looks great too! Loving it ♥️

This project was a self-reminder of the myriad latent talents within me. It is definitely a call to explore my craftsy creative side more!