10 Tips to run a successful Crowd Funding Campaign

My recent CF campaign #AruforJY has been well-received. I managed to attain my target amount, INR 62000 in 5 days with 52 backers!

Campaign link: #AruforJY

More on the campaign here: #AruforJY — Thanks for believing in me!, Campaign Overview.

Here’s my two cents on running a successful CF campaign!

1.Tell a compelling story

  • Make sure you convey Why this campaign? Why should anyone back you? What’s in it for them?
  • Your narrative should be a good combination of a logical and emotional appeal to your backers. Give them valid reasons to believe in you and your initiative.
  • Do not make it all about the money. Sell the “why” of your campaign and you are half way through it!

2. Be Authentic

  • Be original and help them in believing your authenticity by providing screen shots or cost breakdown of the amount you require for your cause.
  • Provide links to websites, articles, videos in support of your initiative.
  • Add in your contact information and encourage getting in touch to come across as genuine.

3. Strategise

  • Create a database of people you wish to reach out to personally.
  • Decide milestones at which you would send out updates to your backers/potential backers. Say at 20%, 50%, 80% and 100%.
  • Decide upon social media tools you would use to promote your campaign.

4. Harness your personal network

  • I sent out 120+ personalised emails to my friends, family and community members.
  • Initially I personally wrote all these emails and it took me one full day! But don’t worry! Mail Merge is a great tool to send out personalised emails. I’ve subscribed for the premium plan for just INR 2000. It’s totally worth it! Link: Mail Merge for Gmail

5. Use Social Media

  • Share news about your campaign on social media. I’ve used to FB and twitter.
  • Every time someone backs your campaign, publish a short thank you note.
  • If the backers are willing, include a screenshot of their contribution. This helps people understand that Crowd Funding is actually real and real people are supporting you!

6. Give timely updates

  • Show love to your people! Maintain separate lists of people who have already contributed and people who are yet to respond.
  • Send friendly reminders to your mailing list. Share the response you have received so far. Share screenshots of the comments and replies. Let them know how far you have come and how much more is left to go.

7. Be supported by notable influencers

  • Write to notable Alumni of your college or Influencers in your circle. Let them know about your efforts so far and request their support not for the money, but because being backed by them is a great honour.
  • My parents started believing in my campaign when they saw influencers and great companies supporting me.

8. A picture is worth 1000 words

  • People generally lose interest reading lost posts and so, use captivating posters to send out updates. I’ve used canva.com. Helps you make quick, easy and classic posters.
  • If you have companies/organisations supporting you, include their logos in your posters. This ensures that your campaign reaches a wider audience.
  • Here’s a poster I’ve made:

Utilise logos.

9. Think like a backer

  • A lot these ideas came to me when I put myself in the shoes of a random person and thought “what would have motivated me to support this campaign?”.
  • You can also look at other successful campaigns and see what catches your attention. Try and incorporate great ideas from them.

10. What next?

  • Look at your campaign as the beginning and not the end.
  • Once your campaign ends, you have the responsibility to keep your word and pay it forward. Take your commitments seriously and let your backers know that you are taking action!

11. Make it happen!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your dreams come true!

Feel free to write to me at hello@aryamurali.com or leave comments below. Let me know if any of these comments have come handy in your campaign and do suggest more from your own experience 🙂