The WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholarship applications recently closed. In 2015, we did a focussed outreach effort to ensure that maximum girls know about the opportunity and apply towards it. As a result of that, 16 of the 18 scholars across India were from Kerala. This time around, we tried to do the outreach efforts online by leveraging contributions from others.

We uploaded the list of items we needed help with and people volunteered to take up one or more of these and complete it. Thanks to them — we brought 13 of the 18 previous scholars on Facebook live 🙂

Few applicants wrote back to us once they successfully applied. Sharing some of them here.

This particular case is quite interesting. Maitri had decided not to apply because she had difficulty in organising her university transcripts.

And then I replied to her with a suggestion to navigate the situation. This happened at 9 PM on the day of the deadline, Jan 2nd.

The next message I heard back from her was this.

A lot of girls have mentioned that they had decided not to apply. But the live videos with previous scholars and comfort emails seem to have helped them see the application through to completion.

What better validation for the work we do. Kudos to the applicants, contributors and the previous winners who were generous enough to help 🙂