5 4 3 2 1 Meditation

Our lives are so fast paced that it’s sometimes possible that we get carried away as our life goes on. Somewhere in between the rush, I felt the need to pull the brake. Just for 5 minutes.

That’s when I discovered the 54321 meditation.

It’s a quick, simple way to be present at this very moment and calm ourselves down.

Once you settle down somewhere and decide you are going to do the activity, take a deep breath.

Now look around for 5 things and acknowledge what you are seeing.

I can see two boys walking around, a old man scratching his leg, a mom dragging her kid, a tree and water ripples in the fountain pool in front of me.

Next, what are the 4 things you can feel right now?

Mosquito biting me, slight pain in my back, the string of my bag on my shoulder and shoes in my feet.

What are the 3 things you can hear?

I can hear classical music, honking of cars nearby and people talking.

What are the 2 things you can smell?

I can smell the perfume of the lady walking by me and mud beneath my legs.

What is the one thing you can taste?


That’s it. Deep breath and we are good to tune back into our lives ☺

Stay peaceful, stay fun!