Can you call/WhatsApp me?

We often receive requests to communicate to our audience through calls/Whatsapp. But our preference rests with emails.

Here’s our reasoning:

  1. Emails are a professional communication medium. The professional world runs on it and conversing over emails with the students will help them get used to it.
  2. We want all our communication to be on record. Our emails with v@r in cc are by itself a written record and governance mechanism.
  3. We wish to preserve contact numbers as private and calls/whatsapp disclose them.

Having said all that, there is no denying in-person conversations work great which is why we are open to doing online video calls over

The tool works really well for quick calls. In fact, we have switched our team meetings also to

In a nutshell, all our communication will be through emails. If you do have any specific queries, you may let us know about it. If we think that a call works best, we shall get on an appear call and discuss it out.