‘Search’ to locate information online

Information Literacy is a very important 21st century skill to possess.

What does it mean?

The internet today is flooded with information. Chances are that all you need is available on it.

But all this information is no good if we do not know how to locate it, evaluate it and effectively use it.

This is where “Search skills” or “Googling” come into play. With highly efficient search engines such as Google, finding information has never been easier.

At Rethink, we deeply care about our community being Information literate, which is why we make a deliberate effort to advocate it.

We also make it a point to provide sufficient guidance and support so that the end user is able to locate the information online on their own.

For instance, a student asking us how she can find our wiki will invite a response that only shares guidance on how she can search and find the information online.

The guidance includes specific keywords they can search for, the title of the website/blog they are looking for and sometimes a ‘Let Me Google That For You’ link.

Here’s a sample response:

Googling is definitely a cooler and faster method of locating information and we wish it to be a super skill you add to your armoury!