#ThoughtDeck: Get out of the way

WIT Learning Program

Designing and running the WIT Learning Program is really quite different from how I expected it to be. There is so much uncertainty in terms of figuring out how to shape the program.

Our key objective is to leave the participants with the feeling and confidence that they can figure things out on their own.

Now for this to happen, it is crucial that they get used to figuring things out on their own. Which in turn means that we (as program facilitators) should get out of the way.

But I have this compelling urge to give it all. Whenever someone asks me a question or a suggestion,whenever they get stuck, I have this urge to go in and help out. But I also realise that I shouldn’t do it, for if I do, I snatch away their opportunity to learn and figure out on their own. For their accomplishments to be truly theirs, they should do it all on their own and also feel that they did on their own.

What I should do though is ensure their energy doesn’t die out. If they are completely stuck, at the point of failing, I will need to step in and provide comfort. But other than that, I should let them work it all out on their own.

Penning this down as a reference for myself. So I can sort this in my head and also come refer to this document whenever I feel the urge to give it all.

Last week, the girls did some phenomenal stuff. Their energy is great and I feel it is time to switch gears and accelerate. This week, we’re looking to do just that. Give them more to figure out on their own. While I am excited, I am also unsure as to whether they will be able to stick through and figure it out.

If they emerge successful, if they do end up figuring it out, then we’re in a really really great place. And if they don’t, we realise we’ll have to manage the pace a bit more.

Well, let’s see. Guess we’ll only know by next week as to how it went. Going by how they’ve all completed week 1, my hopes are real high. I hope they keep up this week as well!

On that note, I’m struggling with the idea of getting out of their way but have decided to do anyway. Phew.

Arya Murali

September 11, 2018