#TD: WIT Cohort 1: Sept Week 1

TD for Thought Deck BTW! and TWTW stands for The Week That Was, which is basically a weekly summary of the experiences and learning the person has had.

Some of my observations and learning from Week 1 TWTW submissions by our WIT Cohort 1.

Here are some TWTWs by participants for you to understand what was attempted:
1. By Farha Kareem

2. By Surbhi Gupta

3. By Anusree Saji


My Learning

1. 24 hour cycles work. And that is how it should be also. A lot of girls have brought up their procrastination. They also seem to be talking about how they struggled to meet the deadlines but eventually figured that it made all the difference.

2. Modelling our program like some of the best out there is also a way of conditioning the participants. 11:59 PM is now etched in their memory as the time to make a submission.

3. Interesting that I consciously tried to use the word ‘activity’ in place of ‘task’ when describing the ‘activities’ we expect them to do. But in most TWTWs, I see them describe it as a task. Now it sure looks like they share a positive relationship with the word ‘task’ given that they are all enjoying it. I would have expected quite the opposite. Food for thought!

4. “To see yourself visibly improve with time.”

5. Connecting someone to the right person/people makes all the difference.