What I loved about NUS

This is about things I found amusing/interesting/useful form NUS. To know more about my visit to NUS, read here: Lessons to adopt from Universities in Singapore

They have a decent campus tour

So you can actually signup on the NUS website for a campus tour. On the day of the tour, one person from the admissions office will take your around the campus and tell you about the courses.

The thing to note however is that you will only get info about UG courses from these universities. To know about masters programs, you will have to go to specific departments or directly write to a professor and set up a meeting.

Good lecture theatre

Honestly, the amphitheatre at GECT where special sessions happen is only as big. Students at NUS come to such lecture theatres day in and day out for classes.

Unlike in NTU, students at NUS have to attend classes and obtain a minimum attendance criteria.

Preparation towards a great career begins on Day 1

NUS has great career services! You get handed out a handbook and guidance on how to prep your resume, face interviews et al.

More importantly, you begin thinking about your career goals right from first year. You then get paired with an alumni with whom you can discuss your goals, learning more about their career and so on.

NUS handbook (left) and Career services website (right)

NUS also hosts career fairs every year.

They really value their alumni.

One key thing I take back from NUS is this!

For starters, they have an alumni engagement office and are always in touch with their students. The alumni also plays a role in shaping upcoming graduates at NUS.

But more interestingly, NUS has a department called School of lifelong education.

NUS alumni can come back to campus and take courses with this school.

This, I think is neat. NUS continues to add value to their students after all the years and in turn get their help in nurturing fresh talent.