Retirement bucket-list for mom

My mom took a VRS from BSNL in Jan 2020. I have known her to be someone so fully dedicated to her work to the point on not having any hobbies. And so, I managed to put together a list of activities for her to try out in the hope that at least one or some of these will eventually become her hobbies.

Some of these are curated to her and some of these may seem outrageous! But hey! the idea is to try and see if she can take those risks!

Here’s the list if you will to share it with your mom/dad or just use for yourself!

  1. Grow vegetables
  2. Fly alone to another city
  3. Volunteer for charity
  4. Learn a foreign language – Speak 10 lines in this new language
  5. Gamble in Casino – put 5000Rs
  6. Learn to play violin
  7. Go horseback riding
  8. Have a spa day – get a massage
  9. Visit a distant friend or relative
  10. Write an article and publish on your blog or Arya’s blog
  11. Hot air balloon ride or paragliding
  12. Create the family tree / track down long-lost family
  13. Go scuba diving or snorkelling
  14. Sell something you have made yourself
  15. Go to a concert of a favourite band / singer
  16. Make a pot
  17. Make laddu, jalebi, mysore pak, mixture and chips at home
  18. Eat and stay at a 5star restaurant
  19. Take an online course
  20. Take a distant education course
  21. Take music lessons
  22. Learn stock trading and make 5000Rs
  23. Create a cooking video and upload on youtube (It is okay if it is private)
  24. Read a book/novel
  25. Complete reading mahabharatham, ramayanam
  26. Sing 3 songs on smule
  27. Make a tiktok video
  28. Stitch something – blouse/tshirt/kerchief
  29. Post 5 pictures and 5 stories on instagram
  30. Visit singapore
  31. Travel alone to some place for only recreational purpose
  32. Bake a cake
  33. Learn to use chopsticks
  34. Go swimming for 3 times in one month
  35. Finish a do it yourself project
  36. Make soap
  37. Make candle
  38. Through a Dart at a World Map and Fly to Wherever it Lands
  39. Create a passive income (Means make an income equal to your expenses so that you don’t have to work anymore)
  40. Organize a cooking class for apartment friends
  41. Become the apartment’s president/secretary/treasurer
  42. Do a photo walk
  43. Visit 3 of your fav temples
  44. Complete 3 sudoku puzzles
  45. Crochet a shawl
  46. Attend a live TED Talk that is on a subject that interests you.
  47. Make a chatbot on dialogflow
  48. Take tuition class for one semester
  49. Bob your hair
  50. Take a photo every day for a month.
  51. Do finger painting with acha and hang it in our house
  52. Make a list of your 5 close friends and send them a greeting card for their special days
  53. Watch a 3-D movie in the theater.
  54. Learn how to say “I love you” in 10 languages.
  55. Stream movie from hotstar/prime/netflix and watch on tv
  56. Recycle 2 old items (eg: bottles) and create a craft
  57. Make ice cream at home
  58. Name a star.
  59. Cook a new recipe once a week for a month.
  60. Make a photo wall with pictures of your family
  61. Drive to a place on car alone
  62. Sing a song at our club
  63. Sponsor one child for one month
  64. Code something. Run a small code – on python/c/c++/google script
  65. Learn to dance something
  66. vlog a trip
  67. write in gratitude journal continuously for 30 days