Learning by yourself

One of the most important skills we will need to survive in the 21st century is to learn by ourselves. If you have spent at least a few months in the industry, I’m sure you must have realised at some point that no one is coming behind us to complete a course or do a project.

No one else cares if we are skilled enough to do our jobs well and even progress higher in our careers, except for ourselves.

We might learn something new about our industry or pick up a new skill, but if we sit thinking we’ve arrived, we will soon become ‘replaceable’.

Our ability to figure out things by ourselves and learn also makes the job easier for our team/boss. It saves them hours of explaining things to us or us constantly asking them for inputs. Not to say that we must never do that – we absolutely must ask questions! But it is also on us to do that google search, pick up that book or do that side project and learn on our own. Or best yet, speak to others who have been there and done that and pick their brains!