Being unbreakable

I realised that people or circumstances break me because I give them the opportunity to.

The real loophole is in my self-esteem, self-belief and capability.

All that poor circumstances and assholes do is amplify the insecurities that already live within me.

Some of these insecurities are very weak, but some of them are very very strong. So when I encounter pain, the strength of these pre-existing insecurities within me multiply.

And then I’m consumed by my insecurities for years together, leaving me to work on them over the long term to slowly get rid of them.

When I look back, I can several such cycles of maturity in my growth. With each challenge, I overcome some insecurity or the other. And interestingly new challenges highlight new insecurities within me.

Now I realise.. that to truly minimise the impact of problems in my life, the way out is to strengthen my inner self. To nourish me with enough self-love and to close as many gaps in my self-esteem as possible so that no one or nothing can widen that gap with their attack.

While this sounds easy, I feel like the process of enriching myself is such a good investment. It is long-lasting and there is absolutely no way I can go wrong if I prioritise my well-being and core strength.

The idea is to increasingly strengthen your foundation and core. the idea is to prevent any cracks from appearing at all that others can leverage to break you. The idea is to increasingly be unbreakable so that next time something happens, it just scratches the surface and doesn’t shake who you are.

When you fix the foundation, the cracks stop appearing. #wisdom  #TheBrianBuffiniShow | Message of encouragement, Life, Short quotes