My walkman remake

One of few things that gave me the most joy recently is remaking my walkman playlist. I was gifted a Sony walkman in 2007. Back then I used to download songs to our computer and then transfer it to my walkman and listen to it endlessly. I grew up being extremely fond of music – listening to it practically all the time.

Much like the walkman tagline says – every moment has it’s music and I lived and breathed that tagline.

When I got my smartphone in 2012, I loved on to listening to music on the phone. It just was easier to charge one device. The walkman was soon forgotten. I found it once again in 2018, but now, I have no idea where it is.

Now I listen to music on Spotify and somewhere I had forgotten alot of my old music. So one of these days, I sat and remade my 18hour long playlist from old times. It’s mostly Bollywood songs that I grew up being extremely fond of.

I realised how much I missed these songs. This now is my favourite playlist of all – one that feels like home ♥️ Its been a great reminder to go back to my childhood and rediscover the things I grew up loving, for it’s certain that your inner child will find joy in those things at any age.

PS: my playlist is public if you’re interested to checkout 🙂