Your power to choose and conscious choices

No decision is right or wrong. No decision is good or bad. No matter what we choose, we can never know what would have happened on the other side.

But what we do have is the power to choose at any given point. Sure, we may be scared or we may be faced with killing pain. But we still have a choice. Always. We do not have to automatically suffer a life we do not choose.

In that sense, what we really have is the power to choose the suffering we want in life. We could either ignore the pain and act okay and suffer. We could live scared of the outcomes and suffer. Or we can choose to face our pain and go through the suffering. We can take action despite our fear and go through the suffering.

While we may not know what outcomes wait for us, the best we can do is ensure we are consciously choosing what we want and what works for us. And this matters so that we do not later regret that we did not exercise our power to choose.