Rising to your calling – Joseph Campbell

Rough transcript of a section I liked in the video:

“You should see yourself as the free, willing, independent, responsible human being. And you should have certain noble hot powers that have been called to your attention and to which you’ve been invited to give yourself that will enable you to act in terms of nobility. Not in obedience, but out of yourself.

The older person must know – I’m now not participating in the achievement of life. I have achieved it.

There is a wonderful moment that comes when you realise – I’m not striving for anything. What I’m doing now is not a means to achieving anything later. Youth has to always think that way. Every decision a young person makes is a commitment to a life course. And if you make a bad decision, by the time you get out you are far off-course. But after a certain age, there is no future and suddenly the present becomes rich. It becomes that thing in itself which you are now experiencing and if you’ve been prepared a little bit for that, you are ready. “