When the reader is ready, the book appears

I’ve been noticing something – there are a number of books that I used to not be able to relate to or read through beyond a few pages. But as time passed, I became increasingly able to pick up some of these titles and get through them and make sense of them.

The Alchemist was one such book I read recently. Another one is Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Yet another one is the Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.

As my life experiences unfold questions in front of me, I become a seeker. It’s that saying – when the student is ready, the master appears. To me, it is these books that find me at the right time. Some come bearing validation and relief, and some with valuable guidance to navigate life.

This thinking is especially freeing because it no longer imposes conditions that I must read all the books or suffer through books which are too heavy for me to comprehend. The emphasis now is to find books that meet me where I’m at instead of finding iconic must-read books that promise transformation. For no transformation can materialise without acceptance of the present. You always have to meet yourself where you are and then go towards where you want to.

So to all those books waiting to be picked up in my book shelf, I know we’ll meet when I’m ready.