Things that have drastically improved my mental health

Context: I struggle with perfection and doing way too much than I can handle. I’m extremely self critical and quite hard on myself. I also tend to compromise myself and my health for work. These coupled with trauma have pushed me towards burn out and depression in the last few years. I’m finally taking the time to slow down and take better care of myself. It’s a learning every day to prioritize myself, but I’ve gotten some things right. Below are few things that are helping me. If you relate, I hope this list inspires you to pay attention to what’s working for you!

Cutting off social media

Cutting off (toxic) people

Cutting off media/movies that trigger me

Moving my body everyday or walking regularly

Eating lesser than a 100% full stomach

Letting go of timelies and strict rules/schedules

Taking a professional break for 3 months

A long me-time every morning: journal, music, tea

Reading books on psychology

Writing journals in a conversational style – between my inner child and adult (trying to model my therapist or other friendly voices)

Not dismissing feelings and sitting with it, no matter how uncomfortable



Crying. A lot.

Not responding in all discussions. Listening more, staying more silent and speaking less than necessary.

Wearing a perfume I like

Hot showers

Comfortable clothes

Allowing myself to do what I want and observing myself with curiosity (minimizing judgement)

Not forcing myself: if I say no, it means no. Trying to not push myself to do something I’m rebelling against. Trusting that there’s a reason why I don’t want to do it and trying to understand myself with compassion instead of forcing.

Speaking to few close friends once in a while

Drastically reducing the number of things I do in life – doing only that which matters. Not hustling.

Requesting myself to do something or asking myself if I would like to do something instead of forcing myself to do something and being harsh/critical. (Allowing myself to say no to things)

Focusing on effort and not just outcomes.

Buying cute things that make me feel like a kid – a sipper bottle, cute mugs

Decluttering my work table

Buying fewer things

Sitting out in the sun for 30mins in the morning during my morning ritual

Taking supplements – iron, vit D, B complex

Breathing deeply

Hugging myself

Tracking my mood on “How we feel”

Being creative – sewing, baking, painting


Sleeping as much as my body needs (allowing myself to sleep more on some days and less on others)

Not tracking too many things

Maintaining a list of energy givers and energy drainers and consciously doing more of the energy givers.

Understanding that the only way out of pain is through it. You have to feel it to let it go.