Trauma problems vs normal problems

For long I’ve been working on a few problems such as obseity, constant burnout at work, splurging money, perfectionism and overachievement, anxiety in relationships, talking more, abandoning myself to nurture others and so on. I listened to the YouTube gurus and self help books and tried a lot of the suggestions. Nothing helped me much.

What did help me though was therapy. Turns out that a lot of my challenges stemmed from childhood experiences/trauma which I had no clue was still affecting my adult life. Doing the work to heal from of my pain helped me solve other related problems for the first time in my life. What it did was tell me that the problem is real and needs to be solved, but the approach to solving it won’t be found in any book. It will have to come from my own healing and intuitive understanding of what is best for me.

This has been a game changer to say the least. It has finally opened an entirely new dimension of solutions for me.

If you’ve been struggling with some problems for well over half your life, and if you have tried some self help tips available and the problems persist… Maybe… This is a psychology problem. Maybe healing from past narratives and conditioning could be the answer.