My story, your story, our story

Imagine our lives were just stories and imagine you and I writing it together. I write my part. Give you the book and you write your part. Together, we shape our story.

You’ll see here that you are responsible for your part of the story alone. You could try to use your part to get the ending you want. But the ending of our story will depend on how I respond to your story. It will be influenced by what I want for our story.

Say you write: I want to end our friendship

I could write: I understand and respect your decision. I will always love you for the love you gave me.

Instead I could also write: How could you do this to me? I hate you.

How I choose my part will change the course of our story.

What this means for each of us is that we get to only decide for ourselves and not everyone in the story. Everyone has a right to deciding for themselves as to what they want the story to look like. We have to then accept and live with what each of us decide for ourselves.

Eventually, the ending of our story is not for us to decide. We can only write our parts with hope, curiosity and anticipation for how the story would shape up. And then it is upto us to DISCOVER THE ENDING, together.