Little things that affect us big

I’m talking about the little earbuds that come with your earphone. I just started an 8 hour road trip and lost exactly one ear bud in the first 10 minutes of the trip.

It’s unbelievable how these little things are so responsible for making or breaking your mood.

You can probably listen to music without an earbud. But that’s jugaad 101. Try to somehow squeeze in the ear phone and cover it with one hand to ensure you can listen fine. If not, deal with the imbalanced sounds and the constant irritation of the ear phones falling off your ear.

What a great way to ruin your day! But essentially, this is the moment in which I realise how much these things matter. To give you a comfortable listening experience.

I’m sure there are other such little things that we don’t even bother about on a day to day basis that play a huge role in your experience interacting with the everyday products.

Can you think of anything little that made or broke your day?

As for me, you just have guessed. I just turned to writing to distract myself from the internal mom yelling at me – “How could you be so careless and lose that little thing?!”