You can run from the whole world. You can hide behind facades. And you can actually fool everyone else. But none of these will heal you or help you. None of these will transform your life for the better. None of this will make you lighter. Even when you are running, you are carrying your …

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Source of Misery

Living a life that you don’t truly enjoy from within is a sure-shot way to misery. Life is short. Do what you like. Never be stuck doing things that satisfy others at your own expense.

Trash Life

I think after a point everyone realizes how important your sleep and health are. But almost inevitably there a time in life where you live like trash. All you care about is the pleasures of a busy life. We think then that not having a second to breathe means we’re productive. Slowly you deteriorate mentally, …

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Period Leaves

Many call this a progressive move and I’m sure it will help bash the stigma a bit. BUT, I feel this will introduce more biases and challenges for women. People hardly take women seriously. Now add to that them knowing you are on your period – I’m sure they may brush off your comments as …

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Failure Resume

I came across Ankur Warikoo’s video where he talks about his failures. A bit more of my research pulled up a pdf version of the failure resume he shared in 2016. Like he says in the video as well, it is easy to look at someone’s trajectory and think that they’ve only had successes in …

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