Transit Traveller

Last day I moved out of Bangalore. Its COVID season and we had to move mountains to be able to travel to Bangalore and move out.

We had exactly 48 hours to travel from Kerala to Bangalore, vacate the apartment and get back to Kerala.

On the way, there were multiple border crossings and at the TN-Karnataka Border, they stamped on our hands – “Transit Traveller”

We got back within the stipulated time. I still have that stamp on my hand. And as I kept looking at it, it felt appropriate. It fits.

Are we all not transit travellers in this world? We enter the world, live and then exit. It is true that we don’t know where we were before the entry and where we exit to, but the moments on earth are in transit.

Looking at that stamp gives me the feeling that all this will pass. You are always in transit and this too shall pass.

PS: I’m in half a mind: Should I just get this tattooed?