You can run from the whole world. You can hide behind facades. And you can actually fool everyone else. But none of these will heal you or help you. None of these will transform your life for the better. None of this will make you lighter.

Even when you are running, you are carrying your heavy baggage on your shoulders and moving as if it does not exist. That does not make the baggage vanish. The weight of the baggage remains. You only choose not to feel it.

There is no end to how long and far you can run 🙂 You can run all your life and keep accumulating more and more baggage as you traverse life. You are only fooling yourself by thinking you are running away from the world. In reality, you’re running away from yourself, not me, not the world.

And then one day you will have no choice but to die under the weight of your baggage unless you choose to unload it, unpack it, inspect it and do something about it. The mere acknowledgement of your baggage will itself make it infinitely lighter. Ironically, every single step you take to pause and deal with the issues you have been forever holding in you will actually take you much farther in life than all the running around you’re doing.

So let that huff and puff go, my friend. Allow yourself to breathe and feel it all. Allow yourself to find a pitstop under a solitary tree overlooking a beautiful lake where the fresh wind blows to load off your heavy backpack and ask yourself – Do I really need to carry all of this with me?