What do you do when both outcomes of a choice hurt you?

Lately, I have been forced to face certain choices which do not really have a great outcome, no matter what I choose. To not choose is painful, and both options have painful outcomes. When struggling with questions such as this, I’ve gone back to the core of my priorities and made the choice that best suits my physical, emotional and mental health. The choice itself isn’t easy, however. It is about swallowing the bitter pill for your health.

I have come to realise that so much of growth in life comes from making difficult choices. Those choices define who you are and who you will become. To realise that none of this is the end of life or the world, that life will move on and better days will come, that we cannot always get what we want in life, but to realise that whatever is happening is for our own good, has all been great signposts of maturity for me. It is in these testing times that we truly discover who we are. The better we can accept life for what it is, the easier the pain will be and the easier we will make peace with our choices.

It isn’t easy, but it needs to be done.