Improving your odds of getting selected to scholarships, internships and jobs

For current students interested in pursuing professional development opportunities All of us wish to apply and get selected to opportunities. Having that coveted scholarship, an internship with your dream company and winning a challenging competition is a way of proving our mettle and also taking one step closer to our goals. But when there is […]

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2 years @R

On May 26, 2017, just about week after graduating from college, I started working full time at Rethink. Today marks my second work anniversary. This is more of a reflection post that summarises what I’ve been attempting to do in the last two years. The problem / The purpose There are tonnes of scholarship opportunities for

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Bridging the Opportunity Gap

Professional development opportunities such as scholarships, mentorships and internships play a key role in shaping up aspirations, capability and confidence of students. Our thesis with Opportunity Project has been that undergraduate students are unable to leverage such opportunities not because they are not smart, but because They do not know about opportunities They do not

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WITx Program Plan

In the 2weeks of engagement with our WITx Learning Program, we have some real huge things in mind. Let me walk you through our program plan. Program Design Before talking about the Program Plan, let me share some perspectives about how we went about designing the program. Feeling we wish to leave you with I can

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#SVAlumnitalk : Learning enginnering by building real products with #StartinCollege

So, this happened to me an year back, when I was in my pre-final year of engineering — It was unexpected, yet exciting. It was hard, yet rewarding. It was emotionally draining, yet one of the most beautiful things that happened to me. Oh no! I’m not talking about love. It’s about my startup journey! Packing our

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