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Learning how to learn: Notes

https://medium.com/learn-love-code/learnings-from-learning-how-to-learn-19d149920dc4 Take breaks, meditate, think about other things, and give yourself plenty of time in both modes. One way of making sure you’re taking regular breaks is to follow the Pomodoro technique. This is where you program for 25 minutes, then take a break for 5 minutes. ChunkingThis is the idea of breaking what you […]

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Annie speaks :)

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/rethinkcollect/videos/1016329885187967/” /] Where you naturally stand apart is where you have inherent strength or interest. Find those areas and learn deeper. Get a certification. Every time there is a higher bar you are trying to breach, there will be self-doubt. But courage is clamping down your fear and moving ahead. Don’t go for half-baked

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A tribe is a group of people connected by a shared interest, connected to a leader or an idea. It takes only 2 things to turn a group into a tribe: A shared interest A way to communicate A leader can help increase the effectiveness of the tribe and it’s members by: Transferring the shared

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Do it.

Do it for the story you’ll be telling for the next sixty years. Do it to inflame passion in every new person you meet. Do it to inspire the ones holding back from their true selves. Do it, so someday you are an example they cite to their own story. Do it, for you, every

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